Eve’s escape from paradise

                      …or the reason us ladies are just so damn good at crafts

Masterette of the Universe

                    building a body (bloodwork)

Anti-anxiety solution No. 1

                      think yer a tiny sea creature in a shell at the beginning of the ocean

scary ordiary real cover 72

Scary Ordinary- Illustration for WUV album cover

                New album art I made for the amazing WUV!

rainbow tears adjusted 72

The weight behind dewdrops

New pencil and colored pencil drawing!  Let’s talk about what leaves are really made of  :)

trade piece for dina 72

When leaves organize

New drawing for a friend!

Opening up shop

Hey guys!  I just reopened up my etsy shop.  Here’s a link if you have a sec to check it out! https://www.etsy.com/shop/DirtyLikeTheWeeds?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Der Kreis ist rund

the circle is round


oil it up!

first oil painting in a long while

playing the part of injustice 100

color in!

              “playing the part of injustice” here’s a new drawing with some color experimentation!


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