I, Dew


fish dish 72

Fish dish: everybody’s gotta soul to feed

new pencil and colored pencil drawing about the importance of feeding both life and death

Here’s lookin at you Spring

Excited for the Sunshine!

snakes and chains 90

mimicry * a chain reaction

a drawing on patterns :)

bauhaus blood 90

Bauhaus blood* drawing from antique veins


Eve’s escape from paradise

                      …or the reason us ladies are just so damn good at crafts

Masterette of the Universe

                    building a body (bloodwork)

Anti-anxiety solution No. 1

                      think yer a tiny sea creature in a shell at the beginning of the ocean

scary ordiary real cover 72

Scary Ordinary- Illustration for WUV album cover

                New album art I made for the amazing WUV!

rainbow tears adjusted 72

The weight behind dewdrops

New pencil and colored pencil drawing!  Let’s talk about what leaves are really made of  :)


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