Opening up shop

Hey guys!  I just reopened up my etsy shop.  Here’s a link if you have a sec to check it out!

Der Kreis ist rund

the circle is round


oil it up!

first oil painting in a long while

playing the part of injustice 100

color in!

              “playing the part of injustice” here’s a new drawing with some color experimentation!

time faces time 72

Time Faces Time

                      A drawing about the reflection of our histories.


tiny mermaid seeks puddle

here’s a little mermaid i maid  hahah with a new little dremel tool!  it’s pretty rough, because the dremel was really cheap and started breaking halfway through- but it was still pretty fun to make :)                  


star bathing beauty

here’s a little doll to swim with when the stars are in the water and the full moon is shining in more ways than one      


Light Waves in Bloom

here’s a new drawing i did a bit ago!


ink splotches and fishy business

fun with ink and watercolor- and of course a little pencil on the side                                                                                 …. … Continue reading


afair to remember! i mean…

a fair to remember!  is a wonderful little street fair that happens once a month in Jack Kerouac ally in San Francisco. come check it out if yer near by!                                      


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